One Stop One-stop service mode, providing products and solutions, choose RIO without worry
Sufficient Supply Mass stocking, committed to medium and long-term bulk sales, stable supply, choose Ruiao Machinery to choose peace of mind
Cost-effective Don't buy expensive ones, just buy the right ones. High cost performance is the way of survival of RIO, and it is your favorite choice
Guaranteed Using high-quality environmentally friendly raw materials, high-standard raw materials, high-quality electrical components, product quality is guaranteed.
All series The complete product series is the beginning of guaranteeing your one-stop purchase, including 8 series of sealing and cutting machines, shrinking machines, etc. Full of what you need, just because Rio understands you better
Excellent Product Superior product performance is the guarantee for success of RIO, and many years of experience in product production and research and development are your best choice.
Wenzhou Ruiao Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a high-tech private enterprise engaged in induction heating equipment and integrating R&D, production, sales and service. At present, a series of high-frequency, medium-frequency, super-audio, and ultra-high-frequency induction heating equipment have been developed, as well as medium-frequency melting furnaces, medium-frequency forging furnaces, super-audio annealing machines, super-audio forging furnaces... 【MORE+
  • Tool quenching machine UHF induction heating machine equipment
  • automatic feeder
  • Copper Rod Small Medium Frequency Forging Furnace
  • Dump melting furnace
  • shaft quenching machine
  • Small catheter tip machine heating machine
  • Intermediate frequency melting furnace
  • On-site operation of melting furnace
  • Graphite intermediate frequency heating furnace
  • On-site operation of melting furnace
Industry Information
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